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President of the Missionary Church
Presidente de la Iglesia Misionera

Author, Pastor, Speaker
Autor, pastor, orador
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Monday Session 1

Lunes Sesión uno (Subtítulos en español)

Monday Session 2 

Lunes Sesión dos (Subtítulos en español)

Tuesday Session 3 

Martes Sesión tres (Subtítulos en español)

Tuesday Session 4 

Martes Sesión quatro (Subtítulos en español)

Wednesday Session 5 

Miércoles Sesión cinco (Subtítulos en español)

Monday Evening Session
Speaker: Steve Jones
Worship: OneLife Church

Sesión del lunes por la noche
Ponente: Steve Jones
Adoración: Iglesia OneLife

Tuesday Evening Session
Speaker: Charles Clemons
Worship: Pathway Community Church

Sesión del martes por la tarde
Ponente: Charles Clemons
Adoración: Pathway Community Church
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The Missionary Church
An evangelistic denomination committed to Church Planting and World Missions.

La Iglesia Misionera
Una denominación evangelística comprometida con la plantación de iglesias y las misiones mundiales. (Subtítulos en español)

Bethel University
We are a Christian community of learners dedicated to building lives of commitment for leadership in the Church and the world. Bethel University provides liberating academic and co-curricular programs to challenge the mind, enlarge the vision and equip the whole person for lifelong service.

Universidad Bethel
Somos una comunidad cristiana de estudiantes dedicados a construir vidas de compromiso para el liderazgo en la Iglesia y el mundo. Bethel University ofrece programas académicos y co-curriculares liberadores para desafiar la mente, ampliar la visión y equipar a la persona en su totalidad para un servicio de por vida.(Subtítulos en español)

World Partners
World Partners exists to impact the world for Christ by identifying, equipping, and empowering men and women to launch disciple making movements.

Socios mundiales
World Partners existe para impactar el mundo para Cristo al identificar, equipar y empoderar a hombres y mujeres para lanzar movimientos de formación de discípulos. (Subtítulos en español)

Missionary Church Investment Foundation
Flexible borrowing. Competitive investing.
Spiritually smart financial products exclusively for Missionary Churches and their members.

Fundación de Inversión de la Iglesia Misionera
Préstamo flexible. Inversión competitiva.
Productos financieros espiritualmente inteligentes exclusivamente para iglesias misioneras y sus miembros. (Subtítulos en español)

The U.S. Ministries of the Missionary Church.
Multiplying Churches, Networks and Disciples to the 4th Generation.

Los Ministerios de la Iglesia Misionera de EE. UU.
Multiplicando Iglesias, Redes y Discípulos hasta la 4ª Generación.
(Subtítulos en español)

Before it Begins
Promoting Purity in the Missionary Church.

Antes de que comience
Promoviendo la Pureza en la Iglesia Misionera. (Subtítulos en español)

Honoring those we’ve lost within the Missionary Church from late 2019 – mid 2021.

Honrando a aquellos que hemos perdido dentro de la Iglesia Misionera desde finales de 2019 hasta mediados de 2021.

Church Security: 4 Major Questions in 2021
Craig Cable

Church security discussion focused on four safety and security questions churches are asking in 2021:- How can I engage my safety team as a ministry? – What do I need to know to identify and minister to people in crisis? – What is my safety team’s role in protecting ministries against emerging threats? – How can my team attempt to de-escalate a crisis situation?

Head Start- Effective Practices for Mentoring in Ministry
Keith Koteskey

Starting out in ministry – whether as a lead pastor or an associate – involves a substantial learning curve! Whether making a transition from academic preparation or from another career path, there is so much to learn as you hit the ground running. Many of us would readily agree with the need for mentoring and perhaps even step out and begin mentoring someone new to ministry, but our techniques might be more trial and error… perhaps a shot in the dark. In this workshop drawing on research from his doctoral program, Keith Koteskey explores effective mentoring techniques informed by research and tested in experience. Whether you regularly mentor those serving in ministry or you’re just getting started, these insights will sharpen your practice and enable a more enduring legacy.

His Image and Our History
Charles Clemons

America has a long history of welcoming immigrants from around the world while simultaneously having a history of denigrating ethnic groups (formerly enslaved and immigrants). Sadly, ethnic stigmas have been energized by the involvement of the church. Come learn our shared history in America so we may face it, renounce what was evil, and affirm that which is good, namely His Image on us all.

How to Create a Culture of Biblical Sexuality in Your Church
Ed Schutte

This workshop will inspire and equip church leaders to create a culture of biblical sexuality and purity in your church. The workshop will focus on cultural elements critical to achieving healthy sexuality and purity in the church including: confession, accountability, a spiritual pursuit of purity, healthy relationships, protecting the youth and children, promoting positive sexuality, and other topics. Emphasis will be on offering practical and biblical action steps for creating this culture of biblical sexuality and purity in your church.

Lead Your Team
Kevin Moore

Nothing great ever happens without a great team. But how do you recruit and train team members that not only know the vision, but also work in alignment, accomplish tasks, and make a real impact? In this session, Kevin Moore will help you discover the answers to these questions and more.

Reach People Outside the Church
Russ Johnson

Do you have a heart for your neighbors or your city? Do you want to see your church, or the churches you’re planting, grow from the harvest? If so, in this workshop you will find the insights you need to reach people in a time where 80% of society has no interest in a church gathering of any kind.

The Message Not the Method
Rick Dugan

We have a problem. It’s now possible to be a Christian without becoming a disciple of Jesus. Why is this and what can we do about it? Dallas Willard famously said, “The Gospel we preach determines the disciples we produce.” Maybe the problem isn’t our methods, but our message. Maybe it isn’t our wineskins, but our wine. Maybe it’s not that we’ve made Christianity too easy, but too difficult. What World Partners has learned from watching disciples multiply in hostile situations is that disciple-making movements begin with a message, not a method. In this workshop we’ll unpack the message that was proclaimed by Jesus and the apostles. We’ll see why this is Good News for the world and your neighborhood. And we’ll learn how to share this Good News with others so that the gospel we preach produces disciples of Jesus – and just maybe, ignites a movement.”

Capacitados para conectarse con Dios para cumplir la misión
Jose Méndez

“Siempre me he preguntado ¿Cómo puedo rezar sin cesar? O ¿Cómo puedo caminar en el Espíritu las 24 horas del día? Si quiero ser un buen jugador de equipo o un exitoso hacedor de discípulos, caminar en el Espíritu tiene que ser algo que realmente experimente en mi vida. Romanos 8: 5 dice: “Porque los que viven según la carne piensan en las cosas de la carne, pero los que viven según el Espíritu piensan en las cosas del Espíritu”. Este versículo cambió mi vida y compartiré cómo me afectó el aprender a caminar en el Espíritu”.

Trained to Connect with God to Fulfill the Mission
Jose Mendez

“Always I have asked myself How can I pray without cease? Or How can I walk in the Spirit 24 hours a day? If I want to be a good team player or a successful disciple maker, walking in the Spirit has to be something I really experience in my live. Romans 8:5 said “For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit.” This verse changed my life and I will share how affected me for learning to walk in the Spirit.”

Turbo Huddles that Multiply Disciples
Dan Riemenschneider

The tipping point for a church to be about disciple making is 17-20% of the adults having stories of disciple making. How do you get there? Turbo Huddles can get you started. Beginning with three or four leaders, Turbo Huddles can multiply within 3-5 months. This can start the multiplication process to begin seeing disciples made and multiplied.

Dan Riemenschneider, Director of Strengthening Churches
Dave DeVries, Regional Director, Western Region Missionary Church

Making APEST Practical – Part 1

Making APEST Practical – Part 2

Making APEST Practical – Part 3

A Dialogue on APEST – Follow Up Webinar

Presentaciones de oradores
Jimmy Santiago, Vicepresidente de la Iglesia Misionera
Alex Ortiz, Pastor, Iglesia de Avalon
Edwin Recinos, Ciudad En Lo Alto
Marlon Perez, Nueva Cultura

Hacer APEST Practíco – Parte Uno
Esta sesión se ha grabado parcialmente. Pedimos disculpas por cualquier inconveniente.

Hacer APEST Practíco – Parte Dos

Hacer APEST Practíco – Parte Tres

Speaker Intros
Jim Keller, Retired Pastor/Regional Director
Cal Chinen, Regional Director, Pacific Rim Region Missionary Church

Teams for Healing

Speaker Intros
Bert Jones, Moderator of the General Oversight Committee
Rodney Arnold, Pastor of OneLife Church

Teams for Leading

Speaker Intro
Tim & Stefanie Maki, ActX Network

Teams for Discerning

“One Mission” / “Una Misión”
Rodney Arnold
Pastor of OneLife Church / Pastor de la Iglesia OneLife

“One Team” / “Un equipo”
Jeff Getz
Regional Director, Eastern Region Missionary Church / Director Regional, Iglesia Misionera de la Región Este

Brenneman Memorial Missionary Church
Goshen, Indiana | North Central Region

Crossroads Community Church
Camarillo, California | Western Region

Iglesia Hispana Evangelica Bethel
Katy, Texas | Mid South Region

Moanalua Gardens Missionary Church
Honolulu, Hawaii | Pacific Rim Region

OneLife Church
Knoxville, Tennessee | Connect Region

Pathway Community Church
Fort Wayne, Indiana | Central Region

Phos Church
Sterling Heights, Michigan | Michigan Region